So in the past few years there is one thing I just know….summer is busy season. Between all the nieces and nephews birthdays, to baby showers and weddings, this is the time of year where Jen and I are lucky to have a weekend off. Not saying I don’t enjoy our late night ramblings as we are kneading fondant and shaping our latest creation… me it’s hilarious the things we come up with to amuse ourselves in the late hours of the evening.

Our latest adventure was Angry Birds, for my youngest nephew. More specifically the black bomb one from Angry Birds Space. Don’t get me wrong I’ve heard of Angry Birds, but I’ve never actually played it. I had to keep having my dear husband and daughter come in and asking does this look right? You tell me to do a Disney character and I barely have to look at a picture, but some of the newer stuff the kids are into, yeah, a bit out of my normal comfort zone.

photo 4

Regardless, we are always up for the challenge, of course the bigger challenge of the evening was my daughter and not the cake. She decided it was a great idea to stay up until 1am…ugh.

We made a small cake for the birthday boy, along with a bunch of cupcakes for all the party guests.

photo 6

The highlight was the candle we decided to submerge inside the gum paste antennae?? (at least that’s what my daughter was calling it), so it could have the real flames coming out at the party.

Well that was last weekend’s adventure in cake, and the summer is far from over……so plenty more to come!!