Unconventional Cakery? Well as you browse through our gallery and get to know us a bit further, trust me it will all make sense.  We are anything, but your traditional cake bakers.  We learn through trial and error, not only with our cakes, but really with everyday life.  We like trying new things and experimenting.  Sometimes our plans may not go the way we expect and we are trying to find a work around, but that’s really how life is….we all make mistakes and we learn from them and finding better ways to do things as we go.

This blog is what I would like to call a spinoff of our little cake business.  Of course you will see posts with our newest adventures in cake, but since we don’t do cake all the time like a bakery on main street, you will see posts about recipes we try, our pinterest trials and fails, crafts and even the occasional crazy quote from Jodi’s daughter, who like most girls her age can say some of the darndest things.

We invite you along on our creative journey, wherever the road may bring us.