So another late night, or umm more like early morning, in cakeville. This weekend’s adventure…double Elmo cakes for a very adorable two-year old we had the honor of meeting earlier this morning.


First Elmo cake.


Second Elmo cake.

Jen and I really had fun with these two. I suppose it’s the mother in me that really enjoys doing kids birthday cakes, either that or my inner child shining through.

However, the most interesting part for us is always the drive to deliver the cakes. We are always joking how we should make signs for our cars that say “Cake On Board” because lets face it, I’m worse than an old woman behind the wheel when we have these precious cargos in the back of my Jeep. Cringing at every pothole, and we are in New England so no matter where we are going there are sure to be plenty of them. Along with driving way under the speed limit, yeah its funny to watch the faces of the people who get stuck driving in back of me during one of our cake deliveries.

Another successful delivery and satisfied customer. As of right now, we don’t have another cake for a few weeks, but with my daughter’s birthday a few weeks away, I’m hoping to have some fun craft projects coming your way.