Last week my mom, grandmother and I went blueberry picking. As a kid my step father would take me out and we’d pick for what seemed like an eternity. I’m not sure if it was the amount of blueberries that were expected to be picked or my age, but I remember coming home and helping him “process” the berries(I use that term loosely). We’d wash, dry, sort then freeze them for the winter. Mind you it was nice to have blue berry pancakes in the winter but any activity that lasts over an hour to a child is _________ (well I’m sure you can fill in that blank.

Well now that I’m in my late 20’s and I can pick as many I want and I actually had fun doing it. I ended up with one big bag of blueberries in my freezer. Hello blueberry pancakes or any other blueberry concoction I happen to come across.

When I got home, I decided to try something new (a concoction if you must). I went hunting on Pinterst. I found a recipe for blueberry chicken. Yes I know that must sound odd, but it was actually pretty good. When my other half got home from work I told him what was for dinner. He stops right in his tracks, looks at me like I have three heads and asks “so what in gods name do you pair with blueberry chicken?!” But after the first bite, he wasn’t complaining anymore (basically because his mouth was too full-but I’ll just pretend it was because the chicken was THAT good).

The recipe below calls for a lot of fancy cooking techniques, which I didn’t follow, and some ingredients, I didn’t have, but the end result was still really yummy.

Here is what I did differently: the recipe called for 1Tbs Butter, I used olive oil. I didn’t have any white wine in the house so I used vegetable broth. I also didn’t have any balsamic vinegar so I substituted 1Tbs cider vinegar plus 1/2 Tsp of sugar. The recipe called for searing the meat and placing it in the oven. Personally I just made the sauce, put my raw chicken in it and baked it until the chicken was done.

Below is the original recipe.

Blueberry Chicken

  • 4 large chicken thighs (bone in, skin on)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 Tablespoon butter
  • 3/4 cup onion, diced (about 1/2 of a large yellow onion)
  • 1 cup white wine
  • 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon Dijon-style mustard
  • 2 Tablespoons fresh rosemary, chopped
  • 3 cups fresh blueberries
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Sprinkle the skin side of the chicken thighs generously with salt and pepper. Put a large oven-proof skillet on the stove over medium-high heat. When the pan is hot, add the chicken thighs skin side down. Sear without moving at least 8-10 minutes, until the skin is a deep golden brown. Remove the chicken thighs from the pan and put them on a plate. Pour off all but 1 Tablespoon of the chicken fat in the pan, then add the butter and onion. Cook the onion about 4 minutes, until it is softened and starting to brown around the edges (if it cooks too fast, turn down the heat a little). Add the wine, vinegar, mustard, rosemary, and blueberries. Bring the blueberry mixture to a boil and let it cook about 10-15 minutes. The fruit will start to pop and the mixture should start to thicken and reduce – it won’t be thick, but it shouldn’t look incredibly watery. Put the chicken thighs back in the pan, skin side up this time, nestling them on top of the sauce. Try to keep the blueberry mixture off the chicken skin so the skin can crisp in the oven – if you bathe it now in the sauce it will taste good but the skin won’t crisp and will turn out soft and rubbery. Put the skillet in the oven and roast the chicken for another 45 minutes. When the chicken is done, let it rest on the counter 5 minutes before serving. To serve, carefully remove the chicken thighs from the pan, put them on a platter, and drizzle the blueberry sauce around them and down the middle of each piece of chicken, leaving some of the crispy golden skin showing.

Give it a try it’s blueberry season. Why not try something new.