When I go grocery shopping I have a list of meals for the week. I list every ingredient needed and try to just get what is on my list. This drives my other half crazy. Just to spice things up, I try to go shopping without a list and hope for the best. This was one of those times I’m glad I just faked it and bought a bunch of random stuff…

This week, I am like many Americans…I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner until I get home. So needless to say I did not plan a head tonight and had nothing deforsting while I was at work. When I came home I pulled out some chicken and figured at some point I’d figure it out. While the chicken was cooking I pulled out my recipe cards and started flipping through them. It was the decision of a lifetime, 7 layer taco dip with chicken, Fajitas or chicken and broccoli ring. It just so happened I had everything in the house for the chicken and broccoli ring, and figured why not (because lets be honest what are the odds I would have every ingredient by chance again- without preplanning it).

This is a staple in my house when it gets colder out. It is a papered chef recipe and I hope you try it and share it with your family and friends…

Chicken and Broccoli Ring


Combine all of the ingredients into a bowl. I use a bag of frozen broccoli (its just easier), I do not have any dill mix so I just use dill weed (but if you happen to get a chance to get some it will give it a different taste), I also only use a quarter cup of Mayo (its healthier and I think it tastes better). Also I don’t put the egg wash or almonds on the outside.


Then lay out the crescent rolls in the pan (and plus if you’ve had a bad day and the crescent rolls don’t open you can get all of your frustration out by hitting the crescent roll tube against the counter)


Then put the ingredients in the pan surrounded by the crescent rolls.


Fold over the crescent rolls to enclose the ingredients.


Bake for 25-30 mins. Enjoy.