September 2013

Skull Cupcake

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Giant skull cupcake anyone?????  I know, this is not our usual type of cake, but it was a special request, the really tricky part was the recipes.  Sugar free cake?  Sugar free blueberry filling?  Reduced sugar frosting?  Well, let’s just put this out there, I have yet to meet an artificial sweetener I like and no matter how much you try to mask them in a cake, you can bet your booty, I can tell.  So let’s say there was a special purchase of Splenda just for this cake and I will probably be trying to pawn the rest of it off on someone because well when it comes to sugar, I want the real stuff.  However, I know there are people out there with allergies or in this case diabetes that cannot have the normal stuff that we put in our cakes and I’m not going to let something like that stop them from enjoying our cakes.  I myself have a coconut allergy, so I’m dreading they day when someone asks for coconut cake or something of the sort.  I can just picture myself with the rubber gloves and one of those face masks you see doctors wear while making something like that, however I would still be up for the challenge as long as there was an epi-pen and some Benadryl nearby…just in case.

So we did over best to reduce the sugar in this cake without taking away from the taste.  I did pretty good with finding a sugar free cake recipe that turned out pretty good, I used the hubby as a guinea pig for taste testing, without telling him it was sugar free.  The blueberries did a good job of masking the Splenda taste all on their own.  I used a whipped topping cream cheese frosting that still used regular sugar, but much, much less than our normal buttercream.  I was afraid to try it with Splenda, next time there will definitely be some more experimenting with frostings.  The fondant, well we determined there wasn’t much we could do about the fondant.  It is a sugar dough after all.  I wonder if there is such a thing as sugar free fondant?  Well, not that I am aware of, but its a thought.

The end result was a big hit and a couple of sugar free recipes for the future.


Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

So this past weekend Jen and I had the honor of doing a sweet 16 birthday cake and even though the pink and zebra is something we have done before, its fun and funky and we really enjoy doing these. Sure at this point we have got it down to a science and it made it an early night, so that is always a plus as well.


My Little Pony Birthday Party

So if there’s one thing I have learned about being a cake decorator and having a child of my own, it’s that every year my daughter expects this elaborate cake.  This year has been so busy for us, I had to talk her down from her original vision because well frankly, I need my sleep.

I’ve always been a planner and usual start planning for her party months in advance, so I’m very glad that my daughter is not the type to change her mind very quickly when it comes to party themes.  This year was of course, My Little Pony.

With her birthday being around Labor Day, it’s always a hit or miss if this New England weather will cooperate enough for us to have a pool party.  This year we were lucky that mother nature was on our side even though it did start to get a little chilly towards the end of the party.

My little girl was all dolled up with the tutu I made for earlier in August and of course a rainbow dash shirt.


The morning of her party she also helped me put together the fruit rainbow for some munchies and trust me when I say, that thing was demolished by the end of the party .


And of course the cake, which was decked out with rainbows, cutie marks and Twilight Sparkle’s hot air balloon.  I actually put a battery powered tealight in the balloon as well, but it was a little hard to see in the daytime.


Well my little girl might not be so little anymore, but here’s to hoping all her birthday wishes come true.


Bedroom Redo Surprise

So with my daughter’s birthday being only two days before her first day of kindergarten, Jen and I came up with a plan to redo her room while she was at school the first day. It started with two days of making the bed in August. We used plans from Ana Whites website for a camp loft bed. I did end up raising the bed a foot so there would be enough space to put a desk under it when she got older.


I did invest in a mini kreg jig for this project and trust me, I can not stress how much the $20 is so worth it.  It saved us so much time and I now can understand why Ana uses them so much.


The project was a lot of cutting, sanding and painting.


It took two Saturday’s to complete, but it was so worth it.  The bed came out beautiful and my daughter loved it.


I also made a bookshelf to hang on the wall from plans over at The Quaint Cottage.


I also sanded and spray painted her dresser to match the new bed.  I decided the black would give it some nice contrast rather than painting the whole thing pink.


Of course with some of the scraps from the bookshelf, I also made her a little shelf for her mini My Little Pony Collection.  I found this over at DoodleCraft.  I really love her blog between the My Little Pony and Doctor Who stuff she does, there is always some sort of project on there I want to recreate.


The end result, one very happy birthday girl, now if I can only get her to keep her room clean…….

My Little Pony Subway Art

So, all over pinterest you see these subway art photos.  I’m kind of on the fence on if I really like them or not, but came up with this idea one day and thought it would be really cute for my daughters room which we are secretly re-doing for her birthday.  By mid-next week I should have photos of everything that is being done, since we are setting it all up on Friday, while she is at school (giggle…I can’t wait!!).

If you are a fan of the new My Little Pony show than I’m sure this will make sense, but I’ll give a little info for those of you who may not know.  The show is based around the lives of six main characters, each of which represents an element of harmony.  The words I used were the names for each element and then I used silhouettes of each character to tie it all together.


I cut all the words out on my Cricut in different fonts, trying to find a font that represented the word itself.  I then traced and cut out the silhouettes by hand.  My original plan was to stick the vinyl on the canvas, paint over it and then peel it off leaving the white where the vinyl was, but alas, the vinyl did not stick to the plain canvas very well……so plan number 2:


First, you are going to want to paint your canvas.


Give it a couple coats if you need to and remember to get the sides.


After that I gave it a thin coat of mod podge and stuck everything down.  Then give it a coat or two of mod podge on top and you’re good to go.  Easy peasey.


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