So, all over pinterest you see these subway art photos.  I’m kind of on the fence on if I really like them or not, but came up with this idea one day and thought it would be really cute for my daughters room which we are secretly re-doing for her birthday.  By mid-next week I should have photos of everything that is being done, since we are setting it all up on Friday, while she is at school (giggle…I can’t wait!!).

If you are a fan of the new My Little Pony show than I’m sure this will make sense, but I’ll give a little info for those of you who may not know.  The show is based around the lives of six main characters, each of which represents an element of harmony.  The words I used were the names for each element and then I used silhouettes of each character to tie it all together.


I cut all the words out on my Cricut in different fonts, trying to find a font that represented the word itself.  I then traced and cut out the silhouettes by hand.  My original plan was to stick the vinyl on the canvas, paint over it and then peel it off leaving the white where the vinyl was, but alas, the vinyl did not stick to the plain canvas very well……so plan number 2:


First, you are going to want to paint your canvas.


Give it a couple coats if you need to and remember to get the sides.


After that I gave it a thin coat of mod podge and stuck everything down.  Then give it a coat or two of mod podge on top and you’re good to go.  Easy peasey.