So if there’s one thing I have learned about being a cake decorator and having a child of my own, it’s that every year my daughter expects this elaborate cake.  This year has been so busy for us, I had to talk her down from her original vision because well frankly, I need my sleep.

I’ve always been a planner and usual start planning for her party months in advance, so I’m very glad that my daughter is not the type to change her mind very quickly when it comes to party themes.  This year was of course, My Little Pony.

With her birthday being around Labor Day, it’s always a hit or miss if this New England weather will cooperate enough for us to have a pool party.  This year we were lucky that mother nature was on our side even though it did start to get a little chilly towards the end of the party.

My little girl was all dolled up with the tutu I made for earlier in August and of course a rainbow dash shirt.


The morning of her party she also helped me put together the fruit rainbow for some munchies and trust me when I say, that thing was demolished by the end of the party .


And of course the cake, which was decked out with rainbows, cutie marks and Twilight Sparkle’s hot air balloon.  I actually put a battery powered tealight in the balloon as well, but it was a little hard to see in the daytime.


Well my little girl might not be so little anymore, but here’s to hoping all her birthday wishes come true.