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Giant skull cupcake anyone?????  I know, this is not our usual type of cake, but it was a special request, the really tricky part was the recipes.  Sugar free cake?  Sugar free blueberry filling?  Reduced sugar frosting?  Well, let’s just put this out there, I have yet to meet an artificial sweetener I like and no matter how much you try to mask them in a cake, you can bet your booty, I can tell.  So let’s say there was a special purchase of Splenda just for this cake and I will probably be trying to pawn the rest of it off on someone because well when it comes to sugar, I want the real stuff.  However, I know there are people out there with allergies or in this case diabetes that cannot have the normal stuff that we put in our cakes and I’m not going to let something like that stop them from enjoying our cakes.  I myself have a coconut allergy, so I’m dreading they day when someone asks for coconut cake or something of the sort.  I can just picture myself with the rubber gloves and one of those face masks you see doctors wear while making something like that, however I would still be up for the challenge as long as there was an epi-pen and some Benadryl nearby…just in case.

So we did over best to reduce the sugar in this cake without taking away from the taste.  I did pretty good with finding a sugar free cake recipe that turned out pretty good, I used the hubby as a guinea pig for taste testing, without telling him it was sugar free.  The blueberries did a good job of masking the Splenda taste all on their own.  I used a whipped topping cream cheese frosting that still used regular sugar, but much, much less than our normal buttercream.  I was afraid to try it with Splenda, next time there will definitely be some more experimenting with frostings.  The fondant, well we determined there wasn’t much we could do about the fondant.  It is a sugar dough after all.  I wonder if there is such a thing as sugar free fondant?  Well, not that I am aware of, but its a thought.

The end result was a big hit and a couple of sugar free recipes for the future.