This past weekend we had three pretty large cakes. One was for a wedding with a Cinderella theme. The part I love most about wedding cakes is definitely the flowers. I really do enjoy making gumpaste flowers and decorations and find it very relaxing. Even though this cake didn’t have any flowers, it did have a bunch of ivy leaves and little pumpkins, which is close enough.

The beauty of gumpaste decorations is that they can really be made weeks in advance because they dry hard and can even be saved for mementos as well.  Of course even though I knew about this cake months ahead of time, in true Jodi fashion, I waited till a couple of days before to start making all the leaves and pumpkins, but hey life is crazy and getting things done ahead of time, doesn’t always happen like it should.  So needless to say, there were several nights where I had every gumpaste tool I owned out on the table and me and Netflix were best buds until the late hours of the evening.

I used to color gumpaste before creating the flowers, but ever since I got my airbrush machine, I tend to just make all the flowers and leaves out of white gumpaste and then airbrush them after they dry.  I find that it has a much better affect and gives them a better sheen.  Of course if you don’t have an airbrush machine, you can always color the gumpaste and then brush the leaves and flowers with petal dust, which can be found at most craft stores.

Anyways, the cake came at beautiful and we had some very pleased customers.