One of the things I love to do this time of year is canning. Usually I stick to jams, jellies and butters. But this year I tried some new recipes that were out of my comfort zone.

One of Dan’s co-workers had an overrun of tomatoes so I made homemade salsa. I’ve now made two batches of this recipe. The first batch didn’t go so well, it was too soupy. I found that if I drain the juices out and leave it in the fridge for a couple of days to let it make its own juices, it turned out so much better. Also the first bath I tried to process some of the tomatoes to make it more like the ones you buy in the store…if I was you don’t do it…its way better chunky.



Start by chopping up all of the ingredients into a bowl. Make sure to drain the juices from the tomatoes before you add them to the rest to the ingredients. I bought canned peppers to add to the salsa (it was easier). Let all of the ingredients sit in the fridge for a few days then can.


I also tried to make peach Jam. This again was totally outside of my comfort zone.  My neighbor has a peach, pear and apple tress. This year they got too many peaches. They let me go and pick as much as I wanted. So after making the normal pies and cobblers I decided to make some jam. I got the following recipe…and from everyone who’s tried it they loved it…

Peach Jam

The recipe calls for vanilla bean, and I was shocked at the price of the vanilla bean…so try to watch the stores and try to get the best deal. It was a lot of fun to make and I’m keeping this in my recipes.


Some of the other things I’ve tried but don’t have any pictures is pear honey

Usually I use these as Christmas gifts and homemade gifts are always the best, especially if you have that one person on your list that has everything. Enjoy!!