This past weekend we got an order for wedding favors.  Normally, we usually stick to the cake and cupcake department, but let face it, Jen and I love to cook and make desserts, no matter what they are.  So they wanted chocolate covered apples….120 of them.  That’s about 20lbs of chocolate people!  Either way we were up to the challenge, it’s not like we have dipped fruit or covered things in chocolate before, just not usually on this scale.

We followed about the same procedure you would if you made caramel apples.  Washing the apples, removing the stems and inserting the sticks:


Melted down lots of white chocolate, and gave them all (1) coat:


Then made them into the “groom”


And of course the “bride”


Packaged them all up with some ribbon and a cute tag, and then after a long night, we had 120 adorable wedding favors.