So now that my internet is back up and running…Happy dance…the guys doing water main work decided it was a great idea to cut the phone lines for the entire neighborhood…the phone company was out here this afternoon restoring it to my neighborhood…THANK YOU!!!….

Anyways…Jodi and I were talking the other night about how we only had one Pinterest fail on our blog. Well let me tell you, I’ve had a few and back when these happened I didn’t have any one to share it with…I mean besides Dan…and the dog…and the cat…and lets be honest there is only so much each of them is willing to listen to me…although sometimes I feel like the dog and cat seem to pay attention more than Dan…but that just might be the food I was holding in my hand at the time. At the time of these fails I didn’t not take any pictures, but I figured it would be worth sharing.

My first Pinterst fail came as a result of us…meaning Dan and I…attempting to eat healthy…although if you ask Dan, I was trying to kill him…but I think that’s all a matter of opinion. Over the summer I was looking for something to replace the normal side dishes at cookouts (potato salad and the like). So this recipe seemed good, and the picture (if you click on the link) sold it for me.

Black Bean Salad with Corn, Red Peppers and Avocado in a Lime-Cilantro Dressing

Now this may be the fact I am used to the normal sides at a cookout…again with the potato salad with mayo, bacon…and this just didn’t live up to the taste…Im more than willing to cook healthy or replace unhealthy options with healthy ones…but its got to taste good…other wise my inner fat kid isn’t happy…next think you know all the chocolate chip cookies are gone… Personally I felt this was missing something…if you happen to try it, make it before you bring it to a family cookout- I had a hell of time getting rid of it, even the hostess didn’t want any…which is the kiss of death when it comes to food.

My next Pinterst fail was a result of having too much watermelon in the house. Dan is known for buying a big watermelon when they are at the grocery store (even though it is just the two of us…and the cat…and the dog. Now one thing you must understand…by appliances in my kitchen…minus my kitchen aide mixer…are from the 80’s…my stove only has two burners that work and a fridge that freezes everything… So Im sure you can assume what happened to the uneaten portion of the watermelon….it started to freeze. I hoped onto pinterst and found this recipe from a co-worker.

Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade

This was one of those recipes that was good for the fist glass or two….but after that it got sickening…so much that Im not sure I would make it again. My advice, if you’re going to make it, drink it up the first day…or try to make a smaller quantity. Also as it sits in the fridge…for longer than 24 hours…it starts to separate…so try to drink it within 24 hour OR add alcohol…and by the second glass you won’t care how sickingly sweet this lemonade is.

So needless to say, when you’re searching on pinterst…sometimes they are wins…or in these two cases fails. But I think that is half the fun of Pinterst! Have a great weekend and talk to you all on Monday!