Alright, so last weekend I took my daughter over to the craft fair they were having at the junior high.  I love going to craft fairs, but I rarely buy much of anything when we go, mainly because I have my “I could make that for less” attitude.  It’s pretty much inevitable that my daughter is going to look at stuff, want it and the “we can go to (fill in the blank, craft store) to get stuff to make it”, will come out of my mouth.  Sometimes I give in, like this time and buy a $4 bar of soap, that’s called “Day at the Beach” and it smells exactly like sunscreen, but ehh, oh well.  Then I get home and start doing research online on the things I saw and without fail by the end of the week or in this case end of the weekend I’m at a craft store picking up supplies to make some of the things I saw.

This years first project was one of those ruffly, sashay scarves.  There has also been some research into making soap, but I made a promise to myself that I can’t start on that till after I finish Daniella’s Halloween costume….yeah I know I’m down to the wire.

I let her pick out the yarn at the store, of course she wanted pink.  Then came home broke out all my knitting and crochet needles and got on youtube.  There were so many tutorials, that I probably watch four different methods to make them before I picked the easiest one, that used the least amount of yarn (so I could get more than one out of the skein I bought, she’s six one is bound to get ruined or lost…lol), and crocheted to my hearts content.  I think if I did it without stopping to do this, then that, I could have made it in less than 30 minutes.

The result:

A very happy 6 year old with a brand new, very pink and fluffy scarf and a mom who saved a few bucks by doing it herself.  I call it a win-win.



Another side confession…..I definitely have supplies for projects that I saw at the craft fair two years ago that I haven’t completed or even started…lol.