Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Personally I could have used another day or so to catch up on some sleep. Over the weekend I finally finished this monster truck quilt for Dan’s cousin, they welcomed a beautiful little boy two weeks ago. This was a project I started soon after I heard they were expecting. With Dan working long hours during the summer, I fill my time with projects. Okay most of those projects include cooking…but everyone in awhile I like to mix it up. I bet you can guess where I got the original idea…yup that’s right Pinterst.

Monster Truck Pinterst Link


Okay so these are my favorite colors and the colors I decided to use for the quilt…coincidence?….I think not…

Before I get into the nitty gritty of what I did let me explain one thing…me and straight lines…we don’t get along…so by definition I honestly shouldn’t even think about doing quilts because most of it relies on…yup…you guess it…straight lines…But I’m of the school of either- you fake it until you make or… until I can buy a house…with my own craft room…big enough for a HUGE cutting table…with straight edges. I’m sure most of you would get a giggle out of me attempting to cut fabric on a cutting board… on my living room rug…with the dog trying to sit on my cutting board….and the cat trying to play with the fabric…its a sight for sore eyes.

I first cut everything into 12.5 in squares…or what was supposed to be squares…some came out like rectangles while others resembled more of a triangle kind of shape…(might I add while I was cutting this I was watching every Disney movie I owned…and Dan would come in from the garage laughing at me while I was sitting on the floor, cutting my fabric…singing at the top of my lungs to the Disney movie I was watching…yes I’m THAT girl)

…After I got the squares I needed I cut them into threes, 6.5 in X12.5 in, 2.5 in X 12.5 in and 4.5 in X 12.5 in.


I then replaced the middle squares with a different pattern. I pinned them together and made squares. I laid them out into this pattern below, changing the direction of each square and attempting to not have the same fabrics touching each other…mind you I said attempted…


The back of the quilt was just pieces of fabric I had left over. I made it up. I then went out and bought the black and gray chevron for the large panels because it reminded me of tire trucks…that and it was on sale…double score!

For the monster truck, I found one on Google images I liked. I printed out multiple copies on Heat and Bond and put it on each of the different fabrics I wanted to use. I then cut out the part I wanted in the applicable color and ironed it onto the quilt. On my day off, I hand stitched around the truck to make sure it wouldn’t come off…(This was done while watching the new season of Cake boss on Netflix).


After the front and back were done, there is a local quilt shop that allows customers to quilt their own quilts on either a computerized machine OR a long arm…now going back to the while straight line thing…I opted for the computerized machine. My sister in-law and I took a trip up to the shop and spent most of the day quilting.

For the binding I was lucky enough to a) find a fabric to matched the bright green in one of my patterns and b) for Jodes because she cut the stripes for me…AND I was able to record her instructions on how to do the binding…this saved me many…many…MANY phone calls to Jodes…going WHAT DO I DO?! (Thank you!)

Im very happy with the end result, and Dan’s cousin got the quilt Sunday afternoon- I hope they liked it!…now to find another project…any suggestions?!