So as I have already mentioned my daughter (and myself) have a very unhealthy obsession with My Little Pony. So it’s no big surprise to me that she wanted to be Rainbow Dash for halloween. Most years since she was born I have made her halloween costume and after the purchased one last year ripped twice, it has only made me want to make them myself all the more.

I started out trying to make this myself using sweatpants and a hoodie that she already owned as a guide, but after I did the pants I found an awesome tutorial/sew along over at Sugar Tart Crafts that helped me save a lot of valuable time figuring out the hoodie, wings and tail.

I could go into detail about it all, but lets be honest Sugar Tart Crafts has got this tutorial down, so I would head over there to get all the info on how to make it.  She even has printable for the ears and wings!  Finding this tutorial saved me from probably making best friends with my seam ripper this past weekend and possibly going to the fabric store for more fleece.

I got the cutie marks from Etsy, they are iron on ones, but I just sewed them on, irons and fleece usually don’t mix.