Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to another week…only 4 more days until the weekend…I mean not like I’m counting or anything…

One thing you must understand before I met Dan he was a true Bachelor…although we’ve been together for 5 years now….the bachelor in him is alive and well…. One of our first dates required me to strap on a motorcycle helmet and hop on the back of his motorcycle in the middle of November….

While we were stopped at stop light, he asks if I wanted to come back to his house and have dinner…I agreed…

Dan proceeded to explain to me that we would need to go to the grocery store first…I then proceed to explain to him that I had survived 4 years of college and thus could make a dinner out of anything…

…We got to his house…I opened his cabinet…there was NOTHING but a can of expired Spam…and his fridge had bottles of alcohol and condiment packets from various fast food places…

Over the years I’ve learned there are a few dishes Dan is a pro at…Chili is one of them…therefore I have named this recipe Bachelor Chili



1lb Hamburg

1 Onion chopped

1 green pepper chopped

2 cans of chopped tomatoes

2 cans of Kidney Beans

1 bag of frozen shoe peg corn

1 bottle of BBQ sauce

1 bag of tortilla chips

1) Cook onions, green peppers and Hamburg

2) Put all into a big pot

3) Pour in two cans of tomatoes, beans and frozen corn into pot

4) Pour as much BBQ sauce to taste and cook until contents are warm

5) Serve with tortilla chips, and cheese

This is a true bachelor meal…it only requires two pans…basic ingredients…all which a bachelor can pronounce.