So with Halloween now over, I start to look around my craft room for my unfinished projects.  I’ve got quite a list of them. They range from almost done to supplies that have been bought, but never touched.  Usually around this time of year I start to make out my list of all the things I want or need (if I have a homemade gift in the making) to get done before Christmas.

Thanksgiving has never been a big crafting holiday for me, so you will have to pardon me if I tend to skip right over it in the posts to come.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and like most holidays, I have these big plans of all the stuff I want to do and make and I usually fall short and have unfinished work from the year prior that I start to work on right after Halloween.  This year I am continuing working on my quilted Christmas stockings.  Last year I made a very cute tree skirt which I got the idea from at My Go-Go Life:


And a stocking for my daughter:


Next on my list is my new stocking which I started last year, but never finished.  I managed to get a few squares done over the weekend.


After that my husband’s stocking (which I have barely thought about what I want to do or even what fabrics…lol).  There are also plans for an advent calendar of some sort, and I need to start plotting some elf on the shelf ideas.

Oh Christmas, I feel like you will be sneaking up on me again, just like you did last year.