Morning everyone! Happy Monday…but more importantly happy veterans day! Veterans day is one holiday some may forget about or just view it as another three day weekend! However today is the day we say thank all of those who are serving and have served. These individuals have put their lives on hold to protect Us the least we can do is say thank you. My family has had people who have served and one who is currently serving. No amount of thank yous can truly emphasis the sacrifice these service men and women have given. I suggest you all play it forward to any service member you encounter today, pay for their lunch, hold to door for them or just say thank you.

With the up coming holidays, keep these service members in mind. Here are some links to show your support.

Foster Military Pets

Donate Phone Cards

Donate money for care packages

Or just check with your local community for up and coming activities to help support the troops!

Thank you to all who have and are serving! Happy Veterans day!