Okay, so I know that I have been off the handle on posting for the last week, but my dear petri dish of a daughter came home from school with what I  like to call Boogeritis and frankly, I caught it and have been feeling horrible for days……

Anywho…this is actually a project that my daughter had to do for her kindergarten class and it was such a cute project I had to share.  She was instructed to take a picture of a turkey, and disguise it with paper, pipe cleaners, etc, so it wouldn’t get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.  Of course when I first asked her what she wanted to disguise it as, her response was Rainbow Dash.  Well, as creative as my mind is, I could not figure out how in the world I was going to make it look like a my little pony character.


After a little persuasion, which usually doesn’t take much effort with my daughter, thank goodness, we decided to disguise it as a peacock.  So, I got to work raiding my craft supplies and pulled out everything that I could find that was green and blue.


We made his body with blue glitter, and attached green feathers.


We then made the “eyes” of the peacock feathers with a combo of cardstock, buttons and beads.


Added some pipe cleaners for the feet and beak, along with some googly eyes.


Then glued the feather “eyes” with tacky glue.


I would call that one cute turkey, I mean peacock….lol.