As promised, I am posting the crafts I did for Chanukah. Last year I got Dan’s little cousin a manicure gift basket…yeah I totally wasn’t aware she wasn’t considered old enough to have that…epic fail on my end. So this year I tried to rack my brain what I could get her…that would be age appropriate…one thing I always did as a kid was cook…and what kid doesn’t like cookies.

I went onto amazon and ordered a apron. I found Chanukah and  winter cookie cutters, a cookie cookbook, sprinkles and some fun oven kitchen extras. I was disappointed when I got the apron in, it was so…plain.

So I did what any normal creative guru would do…to the craft store…I found some scrap fabric that was bright rainbow leopard…and I made it more fun…take a look…





Then I was looking at the remaining fabric…and still didn’t have any idea what I was going to put the rest of the cookie stuff in…when it hit me…a TOTE BAG!!…I went to pinterest and found an easy how to…

DIY Tote Bag

The instructions were pretty easy…until I got to the last couple of steps…I think I may have to consult Jodi on how exactly its supposed to be done…but I think if you have any basic sewing skills you should be able to figure it out…or just do what I did…fake it until you make it…


…not bad for my first tote bag ever…and of course I didn’t get a picture of it…but I added a pocket and put Dan’s cousin’s name on the front in pink. This year was an epic win…she loved the apron and tote bag! I bought more scrap fabric and plan on making more for Christmas…you never have too many tote bags!