So every year I try doing new things with Daniella around the holidays.  Some of the stuff she loves and we continue to do it every year, while others meh, we just don’t get around to it again.

We always do the paper snowflakes and even though she’s getting older, she still gets a little frustrated trying to cut through that many layers of paper and I always end up taking over the cutting while she dictates, but it’s still fun.


Another on our list that we did this past weekend was gingerbread houses.  I have a confession, even though I consider myself a semi-professional baker, I still buy the premade kit to do the gingerbread houses…….I know, its just sad, but she’s six and it just makes it easier.  When she is older we are definitely going to try to do it from scratch and its going to be huge, but for now I’m good with the kits.


I love decorating gingerbread houses, and find that sometimes I just want to take over, so I was almost tempted to buy two this year (last year we got the kit with the four mini ones).  However, I put my control freak tendencies aside and pretty much let her do this one herself.  I just did assembly and the icicles on this one, of course I definitely was washing dishes and baking other things to keep myself occupied while she did it, just to make sure I wouldn’t try to take over what was supposed to be her project.  In the end it came out pretty cute, and I pretty proud of my little decorator.

Next on our list is sugar cookies…..yay!  Can’t wait for those! Hopefully this weekend, but will see how far I get on my Christmas shopping……..