So, I’m sure everyone has heard of cake pops, they are basically just a cake truffle on a stick. Crumbled up cake mixed with frosting, coated in chocolate and then put on a stick making them a very portable a fun treat.  My daughter loves them but, to be honest I think the guys at work love them even more.  Even the ones who regularly don’t dive into the sweets I bring in are sneaking a few of these bad boys.


Inside they are red velvet with cream cheese frosting, completely deck out with Christmas colors to hopefully cheer the boys up, especially the ones that are working out in the cold during this time of year.  I debated adding sprinkles this time, but at 10 o’clock on a week night, I decided some chocolate drizzle would be so much easier then breaking out my pretty large collection of sprinkles.

If you want  a good tutorial on how to make these guys I would definitely check out Bakerella, she’s a bit of a cake pop genius.