My little girl has finally gotten her first loose tooth!! Yay!! I’m so excited!

Several months ago, actually before I think we even started this blog, I made her a tooth fairy pillow knowing that sooner or later those pearly whites were going to come out, so I would rather have this thing made so I wasn’t in a rush when she finally did get her first loose tooth.  I’m so glad I did because now her bed is five feet off the ground and it would be pretty hard for the poor tooth fairy to get up there and find a little old tooth under her pillow and hundreds of stuffed animals.

I got the template and all the instructions over at MMM Crafts.  She has several different versions on how to personalize it.  There is even a tooth officer for the little boys in your life.  I decided to go with this version because I loved the way it looked and I’m sure it’s something my daughter will love.