Before I started dating Dan, I had never heard or even had Matzo Ball Soup until I attended Passover at his grand parents house. After that, I was hooked. One day at the local grocery store, I found a Matzo Ball soup mix and its been in our rotation ever since.

With this whole “artic vortex” that will not leave the area, its been freezing. We were debating what to make for dinner. Then I came across a box of the Matzo Ball mix and boy did it hit the spot. Although I should note that we do tend to add more than what is traditionally in a Matzo Ball Soup. But it sure did hit the spot, AND we have leftovers for tomorrow…which means I don’t have to cook after the gym tomorrow night…*happy dance*.

I suggest you try this recipe, it does not disappoint.


1 package of Manischewitz Matzo Ball and Soup Mix

2 eggs

2 Tbs oil (I used extra virgin)

10 cups of water

1 package of frozen mixed vegetables (for the soup tonight I used was supposed to be for a stir-fry)

2 chicken breasts cooked and shredded



1) Follow the instructions on the back of the mix (take packet no. 1, mix with two eggs and oil). Mix and put into fridge for 15 mins.

2) Take packet No. 2 from the mix, pour into pan, and combine with 10 cups of water.

3) Put frozen vegetables and chicken into pot and cook for 10 mins to unfreeze vegetables.

4) Take mix out of fridge and roll mix into multiple matzo balls. Add them to the mix.

5) Boil soup mixture for 20 mins and serve.


Don’t get me wrong, Im sure there is a way to make this all from scratch, but this is just as good. I hope you enjoy!!! Happy Wednesday everyone, talk to you all on Friday.