So during our nice snow day last Wednesday, my daughter and I went through all her crayons to get ready for this craft.  I got her a new box of crayons and wanted to use all of the old ones in order to make melted crayon hearts to give to her class on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve seen these all over pinterest and thought that, not only is it and awesome craft to help get rid of unwanted and broken crayons, but a great alternative to candy, which I’m sure many of the other kids will bring.  I used the tutorial over at Crystal & Co..  She also has wicked cute bag toppers printables.

First you want to peel all the labels of and break up the crayons.  Then place them in a oven safe silicone treat mold, mine is Wilton’s.


We divided them into color groups, rather than having a complete rainbow of colors in each one.  Then put them in the oven; I did 225 degrees for 16 minutes, as long as all the crayons are melted it doesn’t matter too much on time or temp, I would do it at more than 300 to be safe though.


Once they are cooled you can pop them out, we stuck ours in the freezer for a little bit, just to make sure they were solid all the way through.


Place a couple in a 4 x 9 treat bag, add the topper, staple and done!