So, to be honest having been saving tickets to concerts and shows for years.  I have been looking for a way to not only save them, but display them as well.  Months ago on pinterest I found a picture of a shadow box that someone made to display tickets, however the link no longer works.  I had been browsing craft stores here and there looking for an inexpensive shadow box that was real wood.  I knew I would need to drill a slot in the top of the box, so wood would be the easiest material.

After months of searching I managed to find one at Hobby Lobby, but it was an olive green color that I didn’t like.  So after routing out a slot with my dremel, I tape off the glass and gave it a good spray paint.


Then I created a background for the box with some scrapbook paper and glue.


Put it back together and add years of random tickets, I’m sure I have more somewhere, but will have to search for them.