So to be completely honest, I have a huge supply of jewelry making tools, beads and findings, but I also most never make anything with them. I think the last time I did was to make jewelry for a friend’s bridesmaids several years ago. I consider myself a bit of a tomboy and other than my wedding band and engagement ring you will almost never find me wearing any sort of jewelry unless it’s a special occasion.

Well, that being said, last weekend my daughter had her first dance. It was a daddy daughter dance and I told my husband that I would get him a tie to match her dress, however when we dress shopping, after trying on what was easily two dozen dresses, she had her heart set on shot pink one. My husband being the “manly man” that he is was by no way in the world going tow wear a hot pink tie, no matter how I tried to sell it to him. So I told my daughter that we would just have her wear black shoes and black jewelry and get Daddy a black tie. We’ll after searching for a few days, I couldn’t find anything in my price range that I thought would go well with her dress. Long story short; I broke out my tools and started to get to work.

I started by measuring my daughter’s neck, since I wanted the necklace to be on the tighter side because of the neckline of her dress. I found a chain and trimmed it down to size.


I then started playing with the beads and head pins.


Trimmed the dangle down with wire cutters.


then bent the top in a loop.


I found the center point of the necklace and started attaching the dangles in a cascading pattern.


The final result on my model just before she left for her dance.