So going right along with crafts I have tons of supplies for, but rarely ever do anything with is flower arranging. I have helped people out with weddings here and there, and other than making flowers out of gum paste you will almost never see them in my apartment. Don’t get me wrong I love flowers, but cut flowers eventually die and I couldn’t keep a plant alive if my life depended on it.

I don’t know what the going rate is at a florist is for a corsage nowadays, but I’m guessing it’s at least $20, which to me is a lot, especially just for a little father daughter dance. I knew my daughter would enjoy it though, so I broke out the floral tape and wire and grabbed a $4 rose from the grocery store and got to work.


Since she is only six I thought it would be best to do a wrist one, so there were no pins involved. I grabbed one of those wrist bracelets from a craft store which ended up being less than two dollars with a coupon. It was actually too big for my daughters wrist, so I grabbed some pink fold over elastic and sewed on a smaller length to the metal bracket.


Then I grabbed the large rose, cut it short and put some wire in the base of it. Added some stretched floral tape and there was the base of the corsage.


After I had the main focal point I just continued to add fillers around it with the floral tape until it looked good.


Added a wired bow and then attached it to the bracelet with the prongs.