Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Cheers to green beer, wearing green and having your last shamrock shake before they are gone…speaking of which I still have yet to have one. This weekend we had planned to have the family over for corned beef and cabbage. We even bought all the fixings. But we got a chance to be in a St. Patrick’s day parade with Dan’s uncle. It was a lot of fun to ride in the Candy Cane Car…although with the “jet engines” he put on the back I’m not sure if you could call it a car any more…more like a rocket ship. We had a blast being apart of this tradition. As a result we got back really late from the parade and haven’t yet finished our corned beef, so I don’t have a final picture for you to see. But what I can tell you….its super yummy and you have to try this…


Guinness Corned Beef


1 2 lb corned beef (estimated)

1 six pack of Guinness

Brown sugar


1) Put corned beef into a crock pot, cover with Guinness and cook for 8 hours on low.

2) Take the corned beef out of the crock pot, shred and remove as much fat as possible. Place meat into a strainer and wash with hot water for 2 mins.

3) Put meat into baking pan, sprinkle with brown sugar on top and bake for 35 mins at 350.

4) Enjoy!!!

Once we finish this recipe tonight, Ill post the final picture. Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! stay safe and talk to you all on Wednesday.