The last couple of times I have been to the quilt shop with my daughter she has been drooling over this snuggle quilt that they have on display.  The kits cost $40 which only includes the material for the top and the just didn’t have any kits that I thought my daughter would really enjoy, so when they were having a good sale on the soft and comfy fabrics over at Joann’s I decided to grab enough material to make a quilt.  All I did was get about 6″ of several different fabrics, I believe there were 11 strips in total, plus enough for a back and binding.  After all that the whole quilt cost me less than $25, which I was pretty excited about.



Then trim, and add on your binding.


The quilt actually ended up being larger than the ones in the kit too.


And now my little girl has another super comfy quilt to cuddle up with on the couch.