So, I know I’ve been off the handle with posts, but I’ve just been going crazy with all the stuff I need to do over the next week and the weeks to follow.  My daughter ended up catching that horrible stomach bug last week and I stayed home with her one day and was able to catch up with all my Easter projects.   Yay!

I have so many nieces and nephews, that the past couple of years I have decided to no longer make baskets for everyone.  I usually make them something, but at this rate, next year I think I will just give them all a bag of candy and call it a day.  Even making something is becoming too much work.  Sure some of that is probably due to the fact that I’m helping plan a bridal shower the next weekend and a bachelorette party shortly after that, but still 9 kids.  Then add in the “extended” family, yeah too much, even with my love of crafting.

Anyway, my main project this year was messenger bags.  I ended up making six in total and That is what I have been working on for weeks. I used the tutorial over at Crazy Little Projects, but modified it slightly.  For the 6″ x 38″ strip, I made it 4.5″x38″.  It seemed to make the bage sit better in my opinion by having the strap and bag depth be much closer in size.