Hi my name is Jen and I have an addition…to Cadbury mini-eggs. This time a year I get to feed my addition and replenish my stock pile. I share this addition with a few coworkers and we look forward to this time a year like a kid on Christmas morning…no really its THAT bad. Unfortunally I live in the middle of nowhere…and the stores around me are already out of Cadbury mini-eggs…I was so bummed when I went hunting for them the other night. Luckily there’s some stores near my grownup job that had them. I plan on stocking up before they are gone for another year.

So I decided what would be better than brownies…WITH Cadbury mini-eggs…umm NOTHING especially if its with vanilla ice cream…because clearly I’m not a fat kid or anything. If you’re looking for a quick last min, sinful dessert for Easter than look no further. This recipe is honestly as easy as it get…I mean besides buying them already made from the store.


Cadbury mini-egg Brownies


1 box of your favorite brownie mix




1 bag of Cadbury mini-eggs


1) Follow directions for cake like brownies.

2) Add mini-eggs and bake for less than prescribed time…(these are amazing if they are under baked and gooey)…mmmm..

3) Grab a fork and eat out of the pan while they are still warm.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and talk to you all on Monday.