I figured I’d keep with the bridal shower theme to end the week. I wanted to showcase some of the Jodi’s creative talents. She always puts 110% into everything she does. She made the invites, thank you cards, decorations, center pieces AND the center piece of favor table. She found all of these wonderful creative idea between Etsy and Pinterest.

Below is the mimosa bar. We were going with a rustic theme. Jodi got a mason jar dink dispenser, and glass milk bottle from a local dairy farm and filled them with different juices. On the from of the table is a card stock garland she made by cutting out different size card stock circles and sewing them together on her sewing machine.

IMG_2201We covered the tables with blue table clothes, and put a few games at each place setting. On the ceiling we put tissue balls she made from scratch and hung the card stock garland from the lights and tissue balls.


Last but not least. First she found a frame at the thrift store and put twine to make a “clothesline”. On the clothesline she did some facebook stalking of the bride and groom to be and printed up different photos from different events in their relationship. Each photo was secured with a clothespin. On the front of the table is a sign saying “bride to be”. Another bridesmaid had seen something similar at a bridal expo and showed Jodi, and she made one with help from her Cricut. On the table you can see the flower arrangements she did. She took mason jars and found burlap that had lace on top of it at Hobby Lobby. She glued a strip of this burlap/lace to the jar and we used yellow and white flowers for the top.


This bridal shower was a lot of work! But in the end the bride was very happy and got what she wanted. This even could not have gone as well without all of Jodi’s hard work!

I’ve now planned 3 events with Jodi and each time she doesn’t get the admiration and gratitude she truly deserves. But each time she steps up to the plate, and out dose herself time and time again. She never asks for anything in return.This post is my way of showcasing her talent and in my own way saying thank you for all that she does. So thank you Jodi!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a good weekend!