Okay, confessions, I have a horrible habit of starting projects and then taking forever to complete them, mainly because I start another project…

On most days I have at least three quilts going at once, like now, sometimes more…

One of which, is a quilt as you go cathedral quilt, which I call my memory quilt.  Tutorial can be found over at Hyena in Petticoats .  I take scraps from every project (well the ones from cotton fabrics anyway) and use them for my windows.  The goal is for it to eventually be a king size quilt over the years.  So far I have been doing this for the last 4 years.


I also had this great idea that I wanted to do a Farmer’s Wife quilt….by hand….yeah, not happening.  I think I managed to do 1 square by hand and that was it.  I still have the fabrics and everything, and still want to make one, however it will be done on my machine.  I’m so slow at hand sewing that I would be working on that quilt for the next 10 years or more if I decided to go through with doing it by hand. 20140717-064757-24477276.jpg

My latest one is a Wizard of Oz quilt.  This is the first backwards quilt I have done.  I say backwards because I bought a bunch of fat quarters on Mother’s Day and for weeks I tried to find a quilt pattern to use them with.  Normally I go with the find a pattern, go get fabrics for it method or at least I find the pattern I want to use before actually purchasing the fabrics.  I also added in some of my other green, white, black and gray scraps to this one, which is always a plus.  I finally decided on the Garden Fence quilt pattern and have been making some real progress on this one in the past couple of weeks.


After I get the Wizard of Oz top done, I want to start back on the Farmer’s Wife, but we will see if that is truly what happens or not….