Well we finally made it to mid week and let me tell you I’m so ready for the long weekend. My day job as been kicking my butt and not in a good way…more like I need a shot kind of way lol. Anyways I figured I’d share this “clog your artery” hamburger recipe. You should have seen Dan’s eyes light up when I told him about it. I believe it was followed by many “I love yous” and “you’re awesome” and I think there may have been a girlish squeal in there too.


Although, Dan did find out that grilling these bad boys wasn’t as easy is it sounded due to the amount of greese from the bacon. But they were still good and I had to fight him for one just so I could take the picture for the blog. Next time I think I will cook the bacon a head of time in to oven and wrap the patty in them. Oh and I will also put more cheese in the middle…I thought I had put a lot in but when it came time to eat…it seemed to have disappeared. Well you win some you loose some.



“clog your artery” hamburgers



1 LB of Hamburg

1 LB of bacon (I used maple flavored)

1 cup of shredded cheese

BBQ sauce


1) Make patties (make an indent in middle for cheese then cover hole)

2) Wrap entire patty in Bacon

3) Grill and smother with BBQ sauce and more cheese

4) Eat, enjoy and feel you arteries harden