The one bad thing about going away for a weekend is you play catch up all week long. After I came back from New York I tried all week to get stuff done everything that needed to get done. Posting on the Blog was one thing I never got to. However I’m semi back to normal. This past weekend I got all of my yard work done. You know fall is where when I have to cut down my hostas in my walkway. As a result I’ve had time to actually sit down and write some blog posts.

With Halloween a couple of weeks away I decided to take to pinterest and try to find some DIY Halloween crafts. I found this really funky idea for a candy dish out of basic stuff from the dollar store.



Dollar store Candy Dish makeover


1 candle holder (the only ones I could find were glass)

1 glass fish bowl

1 cover to fit top of bowl (the only ones I could find where plastic covers that were apart of a canister set)

1 cabinet/draw knob

Spray paint- your favorite color (I used black, frost and gold glitter)

Glue gun


1) Spray pain candle holder, knob, and cover. Let dry.

2) (decide if you want to spray paint the glass fish bowl or not) I decided to paint the bowl. Let dry.

3) Once the painted parts are dry glue the candle holder to the bottom of the fish bowl. Then glue the knob to the cover.

4) Fill glass bowl with candy, put cover on and display.